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LifeMor for Gender Identity

One focus of LifeMor is outreach toward men who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). Homosexuality, sexual addiction, pornography and the myriad of issues involved with intimacy and relationships. Human sexuality was designed by God and is intended to be holy, pure and shared only between one man and one woman, in the bond of marriage. Join us as we learn together what God intends for us as men, how He expects us to express our sexuality and how He beckons us towards restoration and our true identity in Jesus Christ. www.robgagnon.net

Another focus of LifeMor is to reach out to women who are attracted to the same sex. You will discover what is at the heart of same-sex attraction. Materials from authors such as www.JanelleHallman.com are used to educate group members concerning ways to relate in a more healthy, non-dependent manner, with boundaries. The focus on the groups is to learn how to live a holy celibate life or to learn to enter into a satisfying heterosexual relationship. Testimonial

LifeMor provides pastoral care to individuals, couples, and family members. Groups are facilitated by those who have struggled with or are affected by homosexuality. Men’s, women’s, and family member and friends PFOX.org (Parents and Friends of Ex-"Gays" and "Gays") groups provide support and comfort to those affected by homosexuality.

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